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Tax calendar with taxes amounting to 11.2 billion euros

Golgotha, worth 11.2 billion euros, starts in May for taxpayers and businesses. At the end of May, the installments for the repayment of the ENFIA account of 2.23 billion euros will start “running”, while at the same time the repayment of the repayable advance of 3 billion euros will begin. The repayment of the income tax for legal entities and companies of 6 billion euros starts from July.

All taxpayers can repay the taxes either in a lump sum with a discount of 3% to 15%, while the installments start from 9 for the income tax and reach 96 for the repayable advance. In particular, based on the planning of the Ministry of Finance, the payments depending on the category of taxes are as follows:

1. ENFIA: The first charge that taxpayers are required to undertake concerns ENFIA. More than 6.3 million property owners are required to pay in 10 equal monthly installments the tax due to them first at the end of May and the last at the end of February 2023. After the changes in the scales and rates 8 out of 10 taxpayers will pay lower tax than last year. Those who are unable to pay the tax in 10 installments have the opportunity to include the debt in the fixed arrangement that provides for up to 24 monthly installments, which however are charged with an annual interest rate of approximately 4.5% to 6%. There is of course the solution of the 12 interest-free installments offered by banks with credit cards. It is noted that those owners who pay the tax in a lump sum will not have any additional discount.

2. Refundable deposit: At the end of May, all companies and freelancers who received a repayable advance can repay it in a lump sum, earning an additional 15% discount on the amount due to them to return. It is not ruled out, however, that the financial staff will once again extend the start date of the repayment of the state loan. Those who wish to pay in installments, however, can do so from the end of June. The installments based on the new decision of the Ministry of Finance have been increased to 96 from 60, ie the tax will be paid within eight years.

3. Income tax: At the end of July, the payment of income tax for individuals and companies will begin. The tax for individuals that will result from the liquidation of this year tax returns can be paid in eight equal monthly installments with the first installment being paid by the end of July and the last by February 2023. Individuals who decide to pay the income tax lump sum by July 29, 2022 will have a 3% discount on the total amount. It is noted that in the case of income tax, it is possible to include the amount owed in the fixed arrangement of 24 installments or repayment in 12 interest-free monthly installments with their credit card. According to the order of the Ministry of Finance:

-The payment of income tax of natural persons of the tax year 2021 is made in 8 equal monthly installments, of which the first is paid until the last working day of July 2022 and each from the following until the last working day of the next 7 months .

-The payment of the tax determined by declarations of taxpayers participating in legal entities and legal entities that keep haplographic books is made in 6 equal monthly installments, the first of which is paid until the last working day of September 2022 and each of the following until the last working day of the next five months.

– The payment of income tax of legal entities and legal entities for the income of the tax year 2021, with the exception of legal entities and legal entities that have been dissolved or put into liquidation, is made in 8 equal monthly installments, of which the the first is paid until the last working day of the following month from the deadline for submission of the declaration and the remaining 7 until the last working day of the following 7 months.

What applies to the fixed arrangement

Those who decide to repay the income tax or ENFIA in more installments through the permanent regulation should be aware that the regulation offers up to 24 installments which are however interest bearing. The interest rate reaches 4.5% for the 12 installments and over 6% for the 24 installments. No installment of the liquidation debt needs to have been due in order to join the arrangement. The application for inclusion in the regulation must be completed and submitted electronically together with a relevant responsible statement. The electronic submission of the application and the required responsible statement is done through a special application of the TAXISnet system, which is available on the website of the Independent Public Revenue Authority (A.A.D.E.), at the electronic address aade.gr. When submitting the application electronically and completing the responsible statement, the debtor is obliged to fill in the relevant fields that appear on his computer screen. The taxpayer should fill in data that reflects his / her real income and property situation. In this context, it will be able to select the extraction of these data from the already submitted personal income tax returns and the already submitted E9 returns. If he has income or real estate which has not been included in the relevant declarations, he must declare them additionally. The taxpayer must also declare the IBAN of at least one of his bank accounts through which he will make the payments of the monthly installments of the regulation.

Source: Capital

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