Taylor Swift and the end of love with Jake Gyllenhaal (told in a song)

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January 2011. During the general rehearsals of the Speak Now World Tour, his second world concert tour, Taylor Swift picks up the pen and begins to throw it down words upon words. He gives a concrete form to his own thoughts, to his sensations, to his mood. Which in that period is not exactly the best: a few days before, in fact, the relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal.

Just three months of love, from October to December, but they have left a mark in the life of the singer-songwriter. A scar that emerges strongly in All too well, one of more beautiful tracks of the album Red, which many fans immediately connected to the sentimental disappointment with the actor. Taylor relaunched that record today re-registering it completely, Red (Taylor’s Version), also inserting a gem.

In fact, the artist has added one new piece of text just a All too well, verses that seem to explain even more in detail the end of the love story with Jake. There is a reference to Brooklyn, where he lived, at the “twin flame», That is the zodiac sign of fire (Sagittario, ed) that they share, and al role of the soldier, which at that time the actor played both in Brothers that in Source Code.

Hard to believe in one coincidence. Thus some sentences of the new version, which lasts well 10 minutes as the original predicted, they take on the value of a private story. «They say that everything that ends well is all right, but I feel in hell every time it crosses my mind ”, is the translation of one of the key passages. “You said if we had been closer in age, maybe it would have worked. “

At the time Taylor was about to perform 21 years, Jake had some quasi 30: that it was really this gap the cause of the break? “I’ve never been good at storytelling jokes, but here’s the final line. the I get older, but your mistresses remain my age“. A dig that seems to hit full the target as Gyllenhaal, 40, is now with Jeanne Cadieu, sixteen years younger.

In short, at a distance of over a decade, it seems that Taylor still had something to tell him.


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