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Taylor Swift: Fans’ Advice on What to Bring to Milan Concerts

Taylor Swift is more anticipated than Christmas morning and the pizza delivery boy. swifties are eager to grab the best spots, some have already set up camp with their tents and others have been studying for months the perfect outfit for the event, or rather, the events. Well yes, San Siro will host Miss Americana and his loyal fandom for two consecutive nights: the July 13th and 14th. An essential question seems to dominate on TikTok these days: what to bring?

Veteran fans, who have already been lucky enough to attend at least a couple of Taylor Swift concerts, respond with a series of helpful tips: the perfect bag or pouch is transparentin PVC and with small dimensions. Indispensable the hat, the sunscreen and the lip balm to protect yourself from the hot July sun and avoid dehydration.

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The iconic ones are unmissable friendship braceletspossibly already worn or packed and stapled with special clips (also available on Amazon).

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Here’s how to make “friendship bracelets” for Taylor Swift’s Milan concerts

According to the videos circulating on the web, theEras Tour It seems like a sensational event of enormous scope, those who have already been there assure: it is even noisier than expected. So bring some concert earplugswhich isolate a bit from the surrounding screams, allowing you to better focus on the more pleasant voice of the one who won fourteen Grammys.

Must have? I handkerchiefsperfect both for the tears that will run down your face from the emotion and for wiping away the sweat, and also some sweets or sugar packets to calm any drops in blood pressure (since it is not possible, in theory, to introduce snacks from outside). Don’t forget thenecessary for the scenographyNo video or audio recordings are allowed other than those made with smartphones, so the very popular digital video cameras, GoPros and even less tablets are not allowed.

As with any concert, the same common sense rules apply, such as: do not bring blunt, dangerous and noisy objects into the stadium. Obviously, remember the ticket. There are people who would have been willing to pay for it even thirteen thousand euros and it would be a shame to miss the show due to a tragicomic oversight.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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