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Taylor Swift fan’s death report shows small hemorrhages in lung

A report, made from a necroscopic examination at the IML in Rio de Janeiro, pointed out small hemorrhages in the lung Ana Clara Benevides, aged 23, who died after feeling ill during singer Taylor Swift’s concert, on Friday (17 ).

The case, which was registered as a suspicious death, remains under investigation by the Rio de Janeiro Civil Police. Toxicological tests and histopathological examination were requested so that it was possible to determine the possible scenarios that caused the evolution of the symptoms, which resulted in Benevides’ death.

According to delegate Juliana Almeida, there are several factors that cause bleeding in the lung and it is necessary to wait for the test results to reach conclusions without rushing. “Heat, heatstroke and dehydration are some of these factors, but without the results of the tests, we cannot say that this is the case”, she explains.

The results are expected to be delivered within 30 days, according to the delegate. The young woman’s body has already been released and all the material necessary for additional examinations has been made available.

Regarding the possibility that Benevides died from the heat, the delegate explains that any conclusion at this point is premature. “Now it is premature to say that Ana Clara died from hyperthermia – excess heat – If everything comes back negative, we can come to the conclusion that it was because of the heat”, she concludes.

The case

Ana Clara Benevides died on Friday night (17), after falling ill during the first show of Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour in Brazil, held at the Nilton Santos stadium, in Rio de Janeiro.

According to Rio’s Municipal Health Department (SMS), Ana Clara died after a cardiorespiratory arrest. The young woman was from the city of Sonora, in the interior of Mato Grosso do Sul, and was studying Psychology at the Federal University of Rondonópolis (UFR).

The company responsible for producing and organizing the show, Time For Fun (T4F), regretted her death and said that Ana Clara was promptly attended to by the team of brigade members and paramedics, being taken to the middle station at the Nilton Santos Stadium for first aid protocol. .

Source: CNN Brasil

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