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Taylor Swift in “Deadpool & Wolverine”? Fans theorize after new trailer

The new trailer for “Deadpool & Wolverine” , released this Saturday (8), shows legs that appear to be those of a woman wearing a uniform similar to that of the protagonist and fans point out that it is Lady Deadpool. Another theory circulating on social media is that the character could be played by Blake Lively or Taylor Swift . see below.

Speculation about the singer’s participation in the production began months ago. Swift was spotted more than once with the director of the plot, Shawn Levy in addition to being friends with the couple Blake Lively It is Ryan Reynolds .

In a recent interview with FandangoReynolds commented on these theories: “I’m not going to lie, but I’m going to omit it. Films like this have so much speculation, they talk about so many possibilities. I saw someone say that Elvis would be in the movie. That’s what I like most about the film and what surrounds it. But let’s wait and see what comes next.”

“Deadpool & Wolverine” hits Brazilian cinemas on July 25th . It is the third film featuring the antihero played by Reynolds. Hugh Jackman will return as Wolverine for the production.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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