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Taylor Swift surprised Travis Kelce and Chiefs players during the season

Taylor Swift cooked nothing less than Pop-Tarts (type of cookie common in the United States) to Travis Kelce and his teammates during the NFL season. The person who revealed the “secret” of the singer’s “treat” was Andy Reid, coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, on Tuesday (27).

Thanks to her well-known love of cooking, the “Karma” singer won over her boyfriend Travis Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs teammates the old-fashioned way: by baking “homemade Pop-Tarts,” according to team coach Andy Reid .

Revealing that “behind the scenes, she likes to cook,” Reid said in an interview with NBC analyst and former quarterback Chris Simms that Swift prepared a homemade lunch for some of the Chiefs' offensive linemen during football season, a gesture that immediately made her put him in the good graces of the team.

“She knew exactly where to go,” Reid joked.

Even though Reid hasn't tried one of Swift's Pop-Tarts, his opinion of the singer remains good.

“Since the Queen [Elizabeth II] passed away, she may be the most famous woman in the world. She is so grounded in who she is,” the coach said, after mentioning that she knows Swift’s parents and had previously met the superstar “when she was young.”

He also expressed his support for Taylor Swift's NFL journey over the past few months, saying, “I think it's a great escape for her, a place where she can be, and she honestly enjoys the games.”

The pop star has been seen attending several Chiefs games to support Kelce. Now, she's a three-time Super Bowl champion and the team's star since she first appeared in the stands in September.

“Football turns out to be amazing,” she told Time Magazine in December. “I’ve been missing it my whole life.”

The only thing we're missing now is the Pop-Tart recipe.

Source: CNN Brasil

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