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Taylor Swift’s entourage cars are seized for driving with covered license plates in Rio

The Civil Police seized, on Thursday (16), cars that were part of singer Taylor Swift’s entourage in Brazil because they were driving with covered license plates in Rio de Janeiro. The act constitutes a crime.

The 14th DP, from Leblon, in the South Zone of the city, received information that the signs were covered with black plastic and sent a team from the police station to the Fasano hotel, in Ipanema, where the artist is staying.

At the police station, drivers said in a statement that they were instructed to cover their license plates to be able to travel in exclusive lanes.

According to the police, the vehicles were seized, but were returned because there was no incident and, at the time of the investigation, their license plates were no longer covered. Agents requested images from local security cameras to be analyzed.


Removing, covering up, altering or remarking a vehicle’s license plates are considered a very serious offense and classified as a crime in the penal code.

According to the Police, drivers may be liable for the crime of hiding or tampering with vehicle identification signs. The investigation remains ongoing.

Since Thursday, images showing cars with covered license plates began circulating on social media.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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