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Taylor Swift’s most “romantic, saddest and edgiest” songs according to Taylor Swift

One of Taylor Swift’s great (and many) skills is knowing how to accurately describe the various facets of our emotions: from the saddest to the happiest ones. How many of us have seen ourselves in her songs? On the occasion of the release of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)the singer has decided to tell a little more about her songs, explaining which are for her the most “sad”, most “romantic” and “most cutting” of the entire album. Before knowing what they are, however, the interpreter of Cardigan he underlined how Speak Now is “an unfiltered and powerful work” that tells a lot about her and what she was experiencing in the period in which she composed the songs.


We had some inkling, knowing the lyrics of the song, but now we have confirmation from Taylor herself. As we know, in the passage, the singer talks about a meeting with a person with whom she immediately felt a deep connection and therefore hopes that that meeting is not the only one. According to fans, the person in question is Adam Young, musician and founder of the Owl City project. In fact, Young himself, in an interview, said he was completely fascinated by Swift after meeting her.

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In this song, our Taylor took more than a pebble off her shoe, telling how unhappy her relationship with an ex of hers was. So, it is not surprising that the verses are cutting so that they arrive like stabs at the person in question, that is, John Mayer. Let’s say that the singer succeeded in her aim because Mayer himself, shortly after the album’s release, said he felt publicly humiliated by those verses. He attempted to respond by recording the brando Paper Doll, but the result was not the same at all. Now, later Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)Swift asked not to fuel any more hatred or hatred towards her colleague.

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This isn’t just the saddest song of Speak Nowbut is absolutely the saddest song Taylor Swift has ever written. Now, relations with Joe Jonas are relaxed and the two are friends, but at the time of this song – which is dedicated to him – it wasn’t so serene. The end of their relationship, which ended with a 17-second phone call from the singer, was a really bad blow for the author of Bad Blood. Here, in the midst of despair, he describes the end of their story by thinking back to all the beautiful moments spent together.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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