TBC UZ 1.6.1

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TBC UZ Is a financial application that aims to transform the traditional day-to-day banking approach.

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TBC will transform the way people deal with their day-to-day banking needs by combining technology and design.

We set ourselves the task of rethinking what a financial application should look like if it were created today.

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We work instantly, simply and transparently – we solve the main problems of the banking industry – bureaucracy, slow service, complex products and hidden fees.

The TBC app includes:

  • Bank account: remote account opening in less than 5 minutes.
  • TBC card: remote order and card delivery.
  • Loans: instant solution, transparent prices, no hidden fees, customize payment schedule according to your needs.
  • Money transfers: send money to the recipient of any bank via a link or phone number instantly 24/7.
  • Paying bills: never miss a bill, pay for the most popular services without commission.
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