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Teacher in Argentina received a cake full of banknotes as a gift from her students

There are teachers who love their profession so much and are so dedicated to it that not only do they get their students to learn and enjoy their class, but with their dedication they also manage to earn their love.

The story of a teacher, originally from Argentina, that we tell you below is a clear example of vocation, because to repay all the love and teachings received, as a gift on Teacher’s Day, her students, with the support of their mothers, the They surprised him by giving him a cake filled with money.

cake with a gold balloon in the middle

According to information shared by the local media chain 3on the occasion of the celebration of Teacher’s Day, which in Argentina is commemorated on September 11, a group of students from the San Antonio María del Gianelli school, in the city of Rosario, wanted to thank their teacher for her dedication, surprising her with a cake full of banknotes.

Through a video shared on the Facebook profile of the media outlet, you can see the exact moment in which the second graders, accompanied by their mothers, deliver the surprise to the teacher in question, who, grateful for the kind gesture, he didn’t know what the cake was filled with.

It was a surprise. I enter the classroom with the boys and see that the mothers are waiting for me at the door. I approach and see them with a huge package and a small box on top. When I open it, I find a silver necklace engraved with my name and on the back it said ‘love, your second graders 2022’. But everyone told me ‘open the cake, open the cake!’

As the teacher admired a white box containing the cake with her name on it, all the students yelled at her to open the box. With the help of a mother, the woman uncovered the cake, which contained a heart balloon in the center, which she had to stretch to discover her surprise.

hand pulling a balloon inside a cake

After several shouts from those present who asked her to pull the balloon, the teacher began to pull and little by little she discovered a series of red bills that she immediately asked if they were real.

When I open the biggest box, on top of it was a heart balloon that said ‘pull from here’. So I start to take out and I find the biggest surprise that they were bills of one thousand pesos. The excited boys shouting ‘Señor you are a millionaire, sir you are rich!

woman taking money out of a pie filling

After being confirmed that they were real bills, the teacher immediately jumped up and down with excitement. In addition, with a smile on her face, she thanked everyone for such a nice surprise, since it is the first time she has celebrated a teacher’s day in person, since she began her career as a teacher in 2019, when the covid-19 pandemic began. 19.

The emotional recording of the teacher soon went viral on social networks, where countless users congratulated the students and their mothers for such a beautiful action and for surprising their teacher in this way.

capture of a woman who received a cake filled with banknotes

The recognition is not only in the material, but the parents value the day-to-day work of one with the boys. The love of children and families is seen in this gesture. Not only for the cake and the money, but they also filled me with cartoons, hugs and kisses.

Source: Okchicas

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