Teacher recorded by security cameras sexually harassing his 3-year-old student

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A British teacher was sentenced yesterday to 18 months in prison and 3 lashes with a stick after confessing that sexually abused a 3-year-old at a training center in Singapore.

Richard Christopher Monks, 29, worked at a foreign language center Singapore when caught by the closed security circuit to lift the victim’s skirt and touch it inappropriately, leaving his hand there for 15 whole minutes.

In his other hand he even held his mobile phone, with which he took a picture under the girl’s skirt.

This happened on October 20, 2018. The incident came to the surface after the 3-year-old refused to go to her classes. She complained to her parents and cried that the teacher had touched her.

The mother contacted the police and the Briton was arrested on November 1, 2018, returning from a trip to Thailand. He initially denied the allegations, but his lawyer later said he had apologized to the little girl and her family.

He even attributed his crime to a “momentary lack of crisis, due to the stress and anxiety of his job.”

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