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Tecla Insolia: “The art of being able to get by”

Tecla Insolia:

The life of Tecla Insolia she’s been whizzing on a roller coaster carriage at supersonic speed for ten years, ever since she realized singing and acting would become part of her. “I started singing first and then talking” jokes Tecla, 16, originally from Piombino, enrolled in the fourth year of the Advertising Graphic Institute, remembering when her parents, on the advice of some friends, enrolled her in a singing school to allow her to put to good use a passion that, from the songs of the Sirenetta singing on the sofa at home became stronger and stronger in her: «I was 5 years old.

It all started for fun but, around the age of 10, with the opening of a local academy in Piombino, I realized that I was passionate about it more and more. I finally felt I belonged to something “ Insolia insists on the phone.

In 2018 his life undergoes a further acceleration: he participates in the second season of thePupil on Raiuno, the following year he wins Sanremo Young, the talent led by Antonella Clerici which is a first screening for the New Proposals of the Festival, and in 2020 it places second among the Young people behind Leo Gassmann. «It makes me laugh quite a lot when they say that Sanremo is old, since every time it arrives everyone talks only about Sanremo: it’s a cliché people say to feel special. For a girl, Sanremo is a dream, but for me it was never the main goal: having said that, it was a great honor to participate “says Tecla who, to be honest, returned to the Ariston for a third time as Nada in the film The little girl who didn’t want to sing by Costanza Quadriglio, one of the great hits of Raiuno’s last season.

What was it like seeing yourself on television as an actress?
“It was a different thing from my singing performances, I was very curious. It was very emotional because, in some ways, it wasn’t me, but the character I lent my face to. I would like to be able to see myself again in clothes other than Tecla ».

What is wrong when you see yourself as Tecla?
«I’m always there to see mistakes: in acting I allow myself more because I haven’t studied it as much as singing, but with music I know very well what I’m doing wrong when I do it. I ruminate a lot, but I would like to try to soften up and be a little more kind to myself ».

When does acting arrive?
“I think it has always been there, but I only had the opportunity to study it when I was 10 because before there was no school and I couldn’t cultivate it. When they opened the academy I discovered that I liked it, also because I am a big fan of cinema ».

In The little girl who didn’t want to sing she managed to do both: singing and acting.
«My biggest dream is to be able to continue to fit these passions: despite being very young, I have found something that I really like to do. I know, however, that the desire to do is not enough but, in addition to luck, a lot of study and a lot of commitment are also needed ».

I don’t think she misses them.
“I have always studied a lot because I like what I do: when there is something that stimulates me, I could do it indefinitely”.

How do you experience compliments and criticisms?
«I was surprised by the response that the film had, at first I was afraid that the public would not forgive me for not singing like Nada, but it didn’t. They all had a mentality and understood that the goal was not to show the Nada singer, but the Nada persona, a woman who had lived a life full of suffering and joy ».

Before the release of the film she presented a single, Munch’s scream, born during the first quarantine. Have you ever wanted to scream?
“Very. But I try to hold back this scream to reuse it in my work: art is a means of expression as well as communication, after all. All this anger that I am harboring inside I want to express it by working, so for now I try to remain calm and then let out the little animal that is in me ».

Do you feel pacified now?
“I try, even if I can’t quite put my thoughts in order.”

Does it have to do with being a perfectionist?
“That is something that I will always forgive myself a little: I dispense advice on accepting mistakes, but in reality I admit to being very pretentious towards myself: when I know I can do 10, I get angry if I do 7, but I don’t give up and I always a commitment to get to the top ».

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In this job, wanting to do your best is important, don’t you think?
“Sure, even if it’s not easy. I am a very insecure person, I value my person a lot based on what others think, but I am trying to improve. I have to understand that if I am not the first to believe in myself, I cannot expect others to do so ».

When the anxiety of judgment is exhibited, does it disappear?
“Fortunately, yes, it is the moment before and the moment after that is the problem.”

What is your greatest talent?
“The fact of always being able, somehow, to get by. The stubbornness, the ability to find within me the strength to go on and never lose it ».



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