Tecno is preparing a smartphone with 4D vibration: how it works and how it differs from the usual one

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TECNO intends to soon introduce the POVA 3 smartphone with a rather interesting technology of “four-dimensional vibration” (4D Vibration). According to the brand, this feature should be appreciated by mobile gamers who will get new tactile sensations during gaming sessions. A powerful processor, a high refresh rate display and a powerful battery will also allow you to fully immerse yourself in games.

POVA 3 looks spectacular and modern. The smartphone is distinguished by a vertical LED strip, which is part of the bright design of the device. It’s more like it’s done in game consoles with a post-cyberpunk reference.

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The main feature of the device – 4D Vibration – operates due to a special linear engine that operates in an additional dimension. The result is a powerful tactile response. In addition, the smartphone will receive dual stereo speakers and an improved gaming interface Panther Game Engine 2.0, adapted for games. All these improvements will allow you to better navigate during games, reduce reaction time and act instantly without delay.

With the POVA 3 smartphone, you can play for a very long time thanks to a sufficiently capacious battery with support for fast charging. The company’s engineers have also taken care of protecting the device from overheating by developing an advanced cooling technology that effectively dissipates heat. Detailed specifications of POVA 3, as well as other features of the smartphone will be revealed in the near future.

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