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Teenager falls 6 meters in accident with zip line in Mineirão

A teenager was injured after suffering a fall of six meters from a zip line at the Mineirão stadium in Belo Horizonte. She suffered abrasions on her left leg, chest and abdomen, and had to be taken to Hospital João XXIII, also in the capital of Minas Gerais, where she was treated and released.

The scene was recorded by friends who were with the young woman at the stadium. The video was published on Tuesday (16) by the teenager’s father, sports commentator Alê Oliveira, on social media. It is possible to see the moment of the fall.

In the images, the teenager is hanging starting the route, which crosses the stadium, when the safety equipment comes off and she falls, falling on the stands of the upper ring of the stadium.

In a statement, Mineirão, MXP – the company that hired the zipline – and Nerea, the company responsible for operating the zipline, expressed their regret for the accident.

“The visitor promptly received medical care at the Mineirão and was referred to the João XXIII Hospital, which diagnosed mild abrasions without a fracture. She was released the same day.”

The expertise carried out at the site identified human error in the operation. The Mineirão immediately ended the zipline activity at the stadium.

A personal injury report was registered and the employee of the company responsible for the zipline operation stated that he had mistaken the place where the safety carabiner was attached.

Alê Oliveira’s lawyers informed that they are defining what measures will be taken.

Source: CNN Brasil

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