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Teenager named as 4th suspect in death of PM and daughter is apprehended in SP

The São Paulo Military Police arrested a teenager suspected of participating in the death of PM Corporal Anderson Valentim, aged 46, and his daughter, Alycia Valentim, aged 19, in the parking lot of a pharmacy, in Vila Medeiros, North Zone of the capital .

The crime occurred in the early hours of last Saturday (24).

In a statement, the Public Security Secretariat stated that “the young man was taken to the DHPP, where he is being qualified and heard about the facts. The investigations continue with the aim of locating and arresting all criminals involved in the action.”

Still in a statement, the SSP said that the minor was apprehended in Vila Guilherme, also in the North Zone.

In addition to the teenager, only one suspect in the crime has been arrested so far, two others are on the run. Douglas Henrique de Jesus handed himself in to the police this Tuesday (27).

Regarding the other two suspects, identified as Erivaldo Aparecido de Lima and Diogo Damasceno dos Santos, the police stated that they will not stop the searches and that they are working “uninterruptedly”.

In addition to testimonial evidence, fingerprints and biological materials were collected from the car used in the crime, which, according to the police, will be compared with those of the accused.

The vehicle was abandoned in Guarulhos, in the metropolitan region, approximately 5 kilometers from the crime scene.

The police treat the case as a robbery.

“The crime of robbery was characterized [roubo seguido de morte] because their intention [criminosos] was to rob the pharmacy. There is the police officer's reaction there. He assessed that in that situation he would be able to defend himself and his daughter”, said delegate Severino Vasconcelos.

As determined by agents, the suspects are part of a gang specialized in robbing establishments. The pharmacy they intended to rob was robbed every fifteen days, according to Vasconcelos.

The crime

The military police officer was killed last Saturday morning (24) in the parking lot of a pharmacy, in the North Zone of the capital of São Paulo. Anderson de Oliveira Valentin was off duty and in the car with his 19-year-old daughter.

Security cameras recorded the moment of the crime.

In the images, it is possible to see when the three individuals arrive behind the PM's car, hooded and wearing masks, and, upon making eye contact with the police officer, exchange waves with him. From inside the car, Anderson pointed the gun at the three individuals, who gave up on entering the pharmacy, which had the door locked, and left.

As the criminals begin to walk away, the PM corporal gets out of the car and one of the criminals pulls out his gun, which is when the exchange of gunfire begins. The pharmacy's circuit camera records the time, 5:14 am.

The Military Police were called at around 5:19 am to Avenida Nossa Senhora do Loreto, 990, in Vila Medeiros. The Fire Department was also called to provide first aid, but the two victims did not survive.

In a statement, the SSP lamented the death of the military police officer and reported that Corporal Anderson was part of the 7th BMP/M.

The case was registered at the 39th DP (Vila Gustavo).

Source: CNN Brasil

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