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Teenagers who planned attacks on schools in two states are apprehended

Two teenagers were arrested in Rio de Janeiro and Rio Grande do Norte this Wednesday (6) after planning attacks on municipal schools.

The first teenager, aged 12, was identified and apprehended in a municipality in Rio. Masks and knives were found in her home.

The identification work was carried out by the Cybercrime Laboratory of the Ministry of Justice, which produced threat reports related to the case and sent it to the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro.

According to Ciberlab researchers, CNN , the teenager did not make “empty threats”. “In fact, we identified elements that indicated that the school’s students were at risk,” said a delegate, with reservations.

In Rio Grande do Norte, another teenager, aged 15, was also arrested for planning an attack on a school. According to the investigation, his threats were more serious than those of the teenager from Rio.

According to investigators, the young man also forced girls at school to self-harm or put themselves in humiliating situations, under threats. At his home, arrested by the RN Civil Police, items from the attacks were also seized.

Source: CNN Brasil

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