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“Tehran has no interest in this crisis lasting” – What analysts “see” about the tension in the Middle East

Today's “measured” Israeli attack against Iran and Tehran's reaction show that the two sides could be committed to a de-escalation even though the situation remains explosive, analysts say. The international community fears that decades of enmity between Israel and the Islamic Republic could turn into all-out war as the Israeli military continues its assault on Gaza following the October 7 attack on Israel by the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, which supported by Tehran. According to US officials cited by several US television networks, the explosions near a military base in Khazhavarestan, in the center of the country, are linked to an Israeli attack on Iran in retaliation for last weekend's Iranian strikes. These new developments come as Israel had threatened to respond to the attack on its soil and despite warnings from the United States, its staunchest ally. Teheran was still visible today […]
Source: News Beast

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