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Tehran threatens any country that opens its airspace to an Israeli attack on Iran

Iran's Defense Minister Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Astani said any country that opens its airspace or territory to Israeli attacks against Iran “will receive a strong response from Tehran,” Iran's Mehr news agency reported. Earlier, Iran announced that it had launched drones against Israel, whose air defenses would counter them. Sirens will sound in threatened areas. “It will take hours to reach Israel,” the Israeli military announced. The Iranian drones are expected to arrive in Israel at 02:00 local time (and Greek time), according to CH 12 TV. Retired General Amos Yadlin said the drones each carry 20 kilograms of explosives and that Israel's air defenses are ready to shoot them down. Jordan's air defenses, in turn, said they were ready to intercept and shoot down any Iranian drone or aircraft that violated its airspace, two officials said. […]
Source: News Beast

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