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Telefónica connects the first 5G factory in Spain: a Gestamp plant in Barcelona

5G breaks into Spanish production. The first factory connected with 5G is already a reality and is located in Barcelona. Telefónica has implemented this new mobile telecommunications technology in one of the plants that Gestamp has there. The company specializing in automotive components will have the first factory in this country fully connected by 5G.

Telefónica will virtualize the entire plant, not a specific activity of production; hence the milestone that EL MUNDO advances. To achieve this, the operator led by Jose Maria lvarez-Pallet has carried out a machinery sensorization from Gestamp, for example the robotic cells that carry out the welding, and the management of all these connection points is carried out through 5G. In addition, the data can be managed there, in real time and without traveling to a remote environment of the cloud, that is, it is done by calling edge computing, a technology that, supported by 5G, allows you to process a large amount of critical information without the need for you to travel.

The generation of a virtualized factory, a digital twin to facilitate its management, represents a complete productive revolution, fully entering the long-awaited Industry 4.0. In this plant in the Barcelona Free Zone, data can be captured, processes optimized and managed in a unified way, in addition to real time.

Beyond the mobile phone

5G will replace the current 4G as the usual system for mobile communication, but it does not stay on telephones and will reach the industry, in this case the creation of car bodies and chassis. The jump is qualitative due to the dimension of the new magnitudes: latency (or delay) is drastically reduced, the information transmitted will multiply in volume and the network of interconnected devices will be much denser.

The automotive industry – and companies in that ecosystem such as Gestamp – are undergoing a profound change in model; first, by the rise of electric vehicles due to environmental guidelines; but, secondly, by the adoption of 5G, which will allow the car to move connected to a multitude of devices on the call smart city .

The entry of 5G in the industry is unstoppable. Telefonica itself has launched a project in this regard in the largest logistics center in El Corte InglÃs, in Valdemoro (Madrid), as reported in this newspaper. In this case, the advance was concentrated on packaging processes and product classification, focusing on pallet handling and freeing up the physical wiring between machinery, connected by 5G. However, in the case of Gestamp, the factory connection is already absolute

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