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Telegram will launch an internal currency

Starting June 12, the Telegram messenger will introduce the internal currency Telegram Stars to pay for digital goods and services in bots and mini-applications. The company sent a corresponding message to the developers.

The initiative followed a notification from Apple of a violation App Store policies, prohibiting accepting internal payments from clients, including cryptocurrencies. Otherwise, bots and mini-apps would be in danger of being removed.

Users will be able to purchase the new currency in the App Store or Google Play, and then pay for digital purchases with it. Payments for physical goods and services remain unchanged.

Developers will be able to withdraw Telegram Stars at any time using the TON blockchain.

Bot owners reacted sharply negatively to the news. They reminded about Apple's 30% commission on each payment.

“It turns out that Telegram earns dollars from users who buy Telegram Stars, and then the developers and all the guys who own the bots are given candy wrappers in the form of TON, which is unstable in value,” wrote the author of the “Marzaganov Broadcasts” channel.

“Durov Code” suggestedthat the previous scheme for purchasing digital goods and services will remain available in versions of applications downloaded from sources other than the App Store and Google Play.

Earlier, Telegram founder Pavel Durov announced a requirement from Apple to limit access to content for Ukrainian users on iOS.

Durov announced the ability to buy digital goods for cryptocurrency in Telegram in April during the Token2049 conference. He promised sellers 70% of the income. The messenger also introduced the ability to send tips in digital assets to content authors.

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