TeleJoin+ – get subscribers in Telegram 1.0.3

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Collect coins by joining interesting and fun channels and groups.

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Spend coins to order subscribers to your channel or telegram group.

Unlike other similar applications, we allow You get subscribers of a specific country (Russia, Ukraine, India, etc.) and this is a key factor in choosing our application.

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You get more coins by subscribing to channels from your country.

During the execution of your order, you get an increase in views from 5 to 12 (randomly) of your latest posts for free!

You can earn money by taking orders from other people to increase their following

We have an unsubscribe protection system and we improve it every time.

At TeleJoin+, we have a good support team that can help you grow your channel’s subscribers as much as you want. We are here to help you and our support is here to help you grow your business and get more followers and members.


– Free post views (from 5 to 12) on your channel when you complete your order.

– Get “1” coin for each entry into channels whose members are from all countries, but at the same time spend “1.5” coins per subscriber (this is 25% less than in other applications).

– Get more coins (from “15” to “32”) for each entry into channels whose members are in the same country as you.

– Automatic entry and automatic channel browsing.

– The system of protection against unsubscribes, which is being improved.

You can order real subscribers for all your channels at the same time.

You can move coins between your accounts

You can report issues with your channel and contact our support team to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

How it works?

You join channels in our app, for each join you earn “1” TeleJoin+ coin (if you join a channel with subscribers from all countries) or you earn “15” to “32” TeleJoin+ coins (if you join a channel with subscribers in your country). You buy subscribers (from all countries or the country you choose) for your channels or groups with these coins.

Key Features of TeleJoin+:

– When buying subscribers, you spend 25% less than in other applications.

– You can buy followers from the country you selected at checkout.

– You can get more coins by subscribing to channels whose members are from your country.

– Possibility of automatic connection:

Instead of clicking the join button each time, you can enable auto-join in our app and let the app do the work for you

About app :

– Earn coins

Earn coins by joining channels and groups

– Earn members

Collect coins and buy members for your channels and groups with the same coins

-You can also send coins to your friends

In the next app updates we will add the following features:

— Buying coins for real money

– Buying views on your channel posts

Source: Trash Box

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