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Each trip has its own treasure trove of memories and every moment is precious. But every trip is different, because it tells your personal angle of the world. Since the best way to remember a changing moment is to relive it through a real testimony, every moment must be framed in its right dimension. Instant photographs, for example, they respond perfectly to this need because they reproduce moments that you will have impressed immediately and forever, to be shared live with those close to you.

Per tell the best each subject, however, the format is important: with its breadth and variety of products, instax allows you to create the best frame for your most special moments, creating a memorable result with each shot. It will be like having a trusted friend with you who can translate your most precious moments on photographic paper. For instance: are you a traveler always as a couple? The film instax mini is the format for you, because it offers instant images of extraordinary quality that you can conveniently fit in your wallet, diary or mini photo frame. Is your passion for gastronomy? With instax SQUARE your dishes will be the center of attention, for a perfect “squaring of the circle”. Do you like to immortalize in a “postcard shot” the most beautiful views visited and discovered during the holidays (even urban ones)? With the format instax WIDE – twice the size of mini – you won’t miss a single detail, capturing the whole world around you on a larger surface.

This is because with instax instant development cameras imagination and creativity rhymes with simplicity. The latest born instax mini 40, for example, it is full of attitude for the new generation of contemporary creatives and photographers. Its silhouette with an epic and timeless design features high quality silver details, while the camera body is characterized by the texture nera deluxe which is sensational to the touch. By combining functionality and “speed of action” with classic design and a new pack of instax mini films, you will always be a “photographic” step ahead of the others, also from the point of view of style. With automatic shutter speed and brightness settings, what you see will always be what you get in every shot. And thanks toselfie lens incorporated, you will always be ready to hit the track: activate it with a click, pose in front of the mirror and capture your style in a unique and original selfie.

Are you looking for a dimension that makes your gastronomic explorations stand out? Born to attract attention, instax SQUARE SQ1 combines simplicity, functionality and design to get exciting photos in a generous square format. Available in Terracotta Orange, Glacier Blue O Chalk White, SQ1 is an adventure companion to be proudly exhibited. Shades for all tastes, squared camera body designed ad hoc, rounded handles with anti-slip texture: this gem is made to shine everywhere. The selfie mode and automatic exposure (the integrated sensors automatically detect the ambient brightness and adjust the shutter speed accordingly) allow you to obtain the maximum result with the minimum effort: the functions of SQ1 are intuitive and very quick to activate for do not miss even a moment … and not even a starred recipe.

With instax WIDE 300, instead, you can literally broaden your horizons: easy, black and retro is a camera in step with the latest trends in shooting, but also incredibly practical. The rounded profile facilitates the grip, while the rear LCD display is strategic to never lose sight of the missing shots. The viewfinder is transparent and bright, even along the edges, and the automatic flash adds the light you need at any time. The zoom ring allows you to adjust the focal length by easily alternating two focus areas with the help of the close-up lens (from 90 centimeters to three meters up to infinity), to capture the most imperceptible details in one, generous framing. Lights and shadows are always at your command, with automatic exposure and brightness adjustment. And with the close-up lens you can capture your subjects up close, focusing from just 40 centimeters away. Ideal for putting those at the center details that make the difference.

With instax instant cameras you can create your novel in pictures, choosing the model that best suits your style and your needs, adding the tangible value of instant photographs and mixing the dynamism of the different formats, to enhance the stories you want to tell. So as to have a collection of unique and precious moments.

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