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Temperatures in Siberia plunge to minus 50C, record snowfall in Moscow

The temperature in parts of it Siberia dropped to minus 50 degrees as blizzards blanketed Moscow with record amounts of snow and disrupted flights as winter sweeps Russia.

In the Sakha Republic, located in the northeastern part of Siberia and including Yakutsk, one of the coldest cities in the world, temperatures fell below minus 50 degrees Celsius, according to weather stations in the region.

An unseasonably early cold wave plunged temperatures even below minus 50 degrees Celsius in several parts of Saha, a sprawling region slightly smaller in area than India.

Almost the entire Sakha is in the permafrost zone. In the regional capital, Yakutsk, which is about 5,000 kilometers east of Moscow, the temperature was around minus 44 to minus 48 degrees Celsius.

Temperatures of 50 degrees below zero have become less common in recent years due to climate change, with permafrost showing increasing signs of melting.

In the Russian capital, one of the worst blizzards on record is causing delays at airports today, with runways covered in heavy snow.

At least 54 flights were delayed and another five canceled at the capital’s three largest airports, the RIA news agency reported.

Temperatures in Moscow are forecast to drop to around minus 18C later this week.

Source: News Beast

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