Temporary block on the transfer of Scaramanga Shipyards

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The transfer of the property of the State Real Estate Company (ETAD) to the shipowner George Prokopiou enters the “ice”, as the Suspension Committee of the Council of State (CoC) accepted the request of the Municipality of Haidari not to sign the relevant contract until it is final decision by the Supreme Court on the application for annulment of the tender submitted by the Municipality.

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The hearing on the substance of the application for annulment by the SC is scheduled for January 18, 2022 and the final decision is expected within 2022, which means that even if the application is rejected, there will be a delay of at least six months in the transfer.

It is noted that D. Chaidariou appealed to the SC due to Pier 4 in Skaramaga Coast, which is included in the property auctioned by the State Real Estate Company (ETAD). The Municipality considers that the sale of the pier is not legal as it is a beach and seashore area and in each case its public character and the free access of the citizens to it must be ensured.

The Municipality of Chaidari claims that this pier is not necessary for the Shipyards, as it was never used for activities related to their operation. The specific area remained unexploited until 2002, where it was leased to a logistics company for the placement of containers, while in April 2016, 4 refugee accommodation centers were created at the disputed pier.

It is recalled that the company of interests G. Prokopiou has prevailed in the tender of ETAD by submitting a bid of 37.3 million euros for the property of approximately 332 acres, which includes Pier 4. Another company of the shipowner had prevailed in the tender of the special management of “Hellenic Shipyards SA” (HSY), which concerned an area of ​​320 acres and the basic facilities of the shipyard, with a binding offer of 25.2 million euros.

It is also noted that the Municipality has intervened in the process of approving the minutes of the special management by the Single Member Court of First Instance of Athens, asking the court to reject the report of the special administrator on the result of the tender, as it maintains that properties of a total area of ​​131,592 sq.m. belonging to the Municipality and the Greek State are also included.

The application for suspension

Along with the request for cancellation of the tender, the Municipality of Chaidari had requested the suspension of the transfer of the property of ETAD to the company of G. Prokopios until the issuance of a final decision of the CoC, on the grounds that among other things it would create “damage from the creation of legal and this real situation, which is difficult to reverse “.

“In the opinion of the Municipality, the decision of the Suspension Committee of the CoC, without obviously prejudging the future decision of the CoC on the substance of the cancellation request, shows, however, that the cancellation request of the Municipality of Haidari has solid legal foundations and serious chances to be finalized. accepted by the SC “, it is noted in an announcement of D. Chaidari.

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