«Temptation Island 2021»: are Tommaso and Valentina (sensationally) back together?

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What the bonfire separates real life puts back together. In just two episodes of Temptation Island, the story of Tommaso and Valentina rebounded a little everywhere, both for his pathological jealousy, a reason that prompted Valentina to enroll her and her partner in the program, both for the betrayal of the boy with the single Giulia which made the authors happy and a little less than the girlfriend, who was forced to request the early confrontation bonfire, thus putting an end to their television adventure.

That something was wrong with this love story between a forty-year-old and a twenty-one-year-old was, however, clear even before they got out of the cock: the talk about the “sacredness of the body” and the disproportionate reaction of him in front of the first images of her in bikini; Valentina’s impassive gaze and her making excuses at the bonfire to the point of requiring the intervention of Filippo Bisciglia, always silent presence of comparisons between boyfriends.

As was expected, Tommaso and Valentina said goodbye after that bonfire, even if they returned to talk about their brief experience a Temptation Island by press. In an interview with Men and Women Magazine, Tommaso explained that he was still “madly” in love with Valentina, and that he acted in that way – that is, by betraying his partner – because of the insecurity dictated “by my age”. “It’s as if I’ve suffered a betrayal in there. I felt more than hurt to see her do what we told ourselves not to do “ was the excuse to agree with the approach with the single Giulia. “Seeing her not respecting the things we said to each other throughout the period before entering the villages, I practically suffered a trauma and a defense mechanism was triggered in order not to succumb.”

Leaving aside the fact that it passes from a bikini to a kiss, Valentina too has returned to talk about her adventure in Temptation Island, explaining to try a “Great indignation” for the behavior of the former partner. Too bad that, according to several clues grouped on social networks, it seems that Tommaso and Valentina are still together after all the ambaradan (something that had already happened to Pietro Delle Piane and Antonella Elia last year). The proof, in addition to the fact that both have the same profile photo on Instagram – for the record, the photo of a kiss – would lie in the fact that a follower of Deianira Marzano would have shown an image taken from Valentina’s Whatsapp profile in which the two they kiss beautifully. All is well what ends in horns, to put it to the Temptation: confirmation from those directly involved has not arrived but, after a bonfire of comparison as heartfelt as theirs, perhaps it is appropriate to expect from the public a reaction very similar to the “betrayal” intentions and nice words spoken in front of the camera.

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