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Temptation Island Winter is approaching: from Filippo Bisciglia’s confirmation, here’s what we know

It was inevitable that, after the boom in ratings achieved in the summer, Temptation Island would return sooner or later to brighten even the winter evenings, and so it will. After some VIP versions broadcast in the past years between October and November, here it is making its way into the Canale 5 schedule Temptation Island Winter, winter version of the popular program produced by Maria De Filippi which we still don’t know if it will do without the comparison bonfire and the pinnettu for a mountain location more suited to the season. Beyond the doubts, however, we have fortunately already had confirmation: the announcement of Filippo Bisciglia as hostred thread between Temptation Island summer and the Temptation Island Winter that will come.

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Bisciglia himself announced his involvement on Instagram: «Today I can finally make it official that I am managing Temptation Island Winterwe still don’t know what the program will be called exactly, I’ll be there”, said Filippo, ready to accompany couples on their journey into feelings to understand whether or not they will resist the temptations of the singles with whom they will live together for about twenty days. «It is an honor for me to take the field during the Mediaset winter schedule. It’s really gratifying: I want to thank Mediaset, Fascino and Maria De Filippi for confirming me”, continued Bisciglia, who will appear on the small screen for the first time outside of the summer period.

But what do we know about this Temptation Island Winter from the airing date still top secret? Very little, unfortunately. We don’t know if, for example, the location will always be the Is Morus Relais in Sardinia or if he will move elsewhere, although what is certain is that the formula will not change: there will always be couples – often on the brink of crisis – who decide to give each other one last chance, and there will still be the videos that Bisciglia will show them cursing the day their path crossed that of a partner who fornicates with another in front of the cameras. In short, a mechanism that wins, it doesn’t change, and we couldn’t have asked for more.

Source: Vanity Fair

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