Ten restaurants for a great getaway in the Oltrepò Pavese

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Choosing the Oltrepò Pavese restaurants for a trip outside the city is always pleasant, but in autumn it reaches its maximum beauty. A strategic place, which can be easily reached from the large Lombard cities but also from Piedmont, Liguria and Emilia. Adored by motorcyclists for the winding roads, also enjoyable by car or better still by bicycle. A good idea to find the best corners is to follow the Road of wine and flavors of the Oltrepò Pavese which as a whole includes 78 municipalities over about 60 km: a condensation of flavors and genuineness. And the journey can start from Voghera, the ideal capital of this territory that extends from the southern part of the Po, in the province of Pavia. Admiring the castles (such as those of Nazzano, Montalto Pavese and Oramala) and visiting very suggestive villages such as Stradella a Broni.

From the plains to the hills, then, with gentle ups and downs with an often mild and windy climate, in search of the best restaurants in the Oltrepò. Ideal for growing vines (covering an area of ​​16 thousand hectares). Between friends you absolutely must try the Oltrepò Metodo Classico DOCG, the Cruasè DOCG (crasis formed by the words “cru” and “rosé” to which the letter “a” is added as a connecting link) and the Oltrepò Pavese DOC in its various declinations: Bonarda , Barbera, Buttafuoco, Sangue di Giuda and Pinot Nero, for which it is the first Italian company in terms of extension. And there is also a Moscato IGT. Among other things, local wines have entered the Oltrepò Pavese cuisine since the beginning of some supply chains, such as the “tanning” of the meat of the Salame di Varzi or the maceration of the pork coops which is made with a marinade of Bonarda and spices. salty. Speaking of Salame di Varzi, it is one of the culinary pride of the area as well as protected by a DOP: made with “heavy” pork (apparently the Lombards invented it) it is coarse-grained, with a sweet and delicate flavor.

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But Oltrepò Pavese has many good things, starting with the other cured meats (pancetta, coppa, lard and a very good cotechino Pavese) to be enjoyed with the schita, a sort of muffin made with simple ingredients such as flour, water, salt and olive oil or lard. Then i cheeses, like that of Menconico and al Nisso which deserves a few more lines. It is known as «jumping or burning cheese» due to its spicy flavor due to the presence of the larvae of the dairy fly, a characteristic that makes it a unique product, typical of the Staffora Valley. The area around Voghera has very good agri-food productions starting from peppers (protagonists with risotto) up to the dorta onion that accompanies cod, for example. Other dishes to taste: agnolotti (evident the link with the nearby Piedmont), the risotto with salami paste, eye beans and Bonarda, mixed boiled meat, must polenta. Without forgetting the miccone pavese, a braid-shaped bread made of soft wheat flour with a thin crust and a thick crumb. But soft, perfect for making the shoe and excellent with cured meats. Now our selection of venues.


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