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Tenderness! Girl draws advertisement to help her dad find a job

The covid-19 pandemic has caused millions of people to lose their jobs and many people were forced to look for alternatives to take money home. Gustavo Díaz, a man originally from Argentina, had difficulty finding job opportunities.

Gustavo acquired a lawn mower in hopes of earning an income
cutting grass, but was not having the success he expected. The situation was much more difficult than he thought.

His concern was very great

Girl draws CV in Argentina

I went out every morning to walk through the Gregorio de Laferrere neighborhood to ring the bell to offer my services. But since many of these people did not know me, they were scared and did not even attend to me. I spent all day looking for work and not being able to bring a single peso to feed my daughters.

– Gustavo

Until her little daughter intervened

Girl draws CV in Argentina

The girl created a cute advertisement with a drawing of her father and immediately added the phone number so they could contact him. The most touching thing was that at the end he added: “Good luck, daddy.”

The best advertisement!

Girl draws CV in Argentina

When he gave me the drawing, I felt enormous satisfaction. It was December 29 at noon. It occurred to me to share it on my Facebook and upload it to other groups where people from the neighborhood offer their work or sell products, without knowing everything that would come next.

– Gustavo

The man shared the beautiful gesture that his daughter had through his Facebook account without thinking that it would go viral and that it would even reach international media. Now, due to the spread, he has secure jobs in his locality and has even been offered opportunities in other cities!

A beautiful story in which family love has overcome all adversities.

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