Tendrils, the hair detail you need to know about (and Jennifer Lopez will help you)

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A few days after dazzling us with his holiday snaps, Jennifer Lopez is back to work promoting her next film, Shotgun Weddingwhich will debut on Prime Video on January 27.

Pink seems to be the main theme of her press tour looks, which were made by her powerhouse dreamteam style expert, including hairstylist Chris Appleton, the fashion stylist Mariel Haennthe nail artist Tom Bachik and the makeup artist Mary Phillips. Her first look, which she debuted on Instagram on Jan. 12, featured a matching baby pink dress with pink eyeshadows pale and to one low bun and loose with wavy tendrils, or tendrilswhich framed the face. For her second look, she kept her wavy hair and low bun, but styled it with an all-white ensemble and gold platform heels.

What are i tendrils?

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Literally the word tendrils translates as tendrils, the thin stems of plants such as vines, ivy and wisteria, which rely entirely on flexibility to cling to walls and other plants. A bit like their counterparts and homonyms tufts of hair jaunty than on the red carpet frame the faces of the starsalso called curtain, left free from chignon that otherwise would appear too static and rigorous.

A trend that goes hand in hand with the messy stylebulwark of thateffortless chic that Meghan Markle brought to the attention of the world. THE tendrils however they are not an absolute novelty in the beauty universe, but a legacy of the eighties and nineties, when they depopulated on the heads of heroines such as Lady Oscar (who does not remember her in her only time dressed as a girl, at the court ball with the Count of Fersen?) and in the galactic Sailor Jupiter (just to name a couple) and of course the Spice Girls (Baby and Ginger Spice).

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Makeup was her usual “something pink,” with a shimmery eye, rosy blush on the cheeks, and a soft pink gloss.

Charlène of Monaco with pink make-up, the #Barbiecore trend conquers royal heights
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On Jan. 13 Jennifer Lopez posted several angles of her look with tendrils, including a selfie and three other snaps showing her all-white outfit. Her long wavy hair and short curtain bangs matched her rosy cheeks, which practically contoured to sculpt her face. The chiseled cheeks and perfect face base were accentuated with a shimmery highlighter on the nose. Eye makeup is our favorite part of this monochromatic pink look. Soft matte eyeshadows were dusted over most of the lid, paired with a luminous shimmer in a similar pinkish hue at the inner corner and at the hairline. Her glossy lips shone almost as much as her nose lit by highlighter.

There isn’t a day, however, that we aren’t thrilled with J.Lo’s looks (and we have proof), so why waste a moment praising this pretty-in-pink?

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