Tennessee-based mining company BrightRidge may face legal action over noise

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Washington County, Tennessee, alerted BrightRidge to complaints about loud noise from a mining farm located on its property.

Tennessee-based electricity supplier and internet service provider Red Dog Technologies may face litigation over device noise and ventilation when mining Bitcoin. By this, the company violates the rules of land use and development, since the noise level from the mining center exceeds the permissible standards.

Complaints to local authorities about the loud noise from the mining center began to come from residents of the district at the beginning of this year. Washington County Police Chief Kent Harris responded and sent a letter to BrightRidge, demanding that they remove the source of the noise within 30 days. Otherwise, the statement of claim will be submitted to the court.

“I think the data center needs to be closed. Nobody needs legal proceedings, but if it comes to that, a lawsuit will be filed. ”

Noise pollution is not the only problem faced by residents living near the data center. Bitcoin mining venture Greenidge Generation was recently accused of using the waters of Lake Seneca in upstate New York to cool equipment. As a result, the temperature of the water in the lake rose, which caused irreparable damage to the lake and the ecology of nearby settlements.

The founder of the Digiconomist blog, Alex de Vries, conducted research and concluded that Bitcoin mining generates as much e-waste as the Netherlands. In one transaction, 272 grams of e-waste is generated, which is the equivalent of two iPhone 12 Mini mobile phones or half an iPad.

Recall that one of the officially stated reasons for the prohibition of mining in China is the harmful impact of mining on the country’s ecology.

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