Tennessee City Tests Property Tax Payments in BTC

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The city of Jackson, Tennessee, USA, is testing the possibilities of integrating bitcoin into government systems. The mayor of the city sees bitcoin as a means of paying taxes and wages to civil servants.

Scott Conger, mayor of Jackson, Tennessee, announced last week that the city has begun testing possible methods of paying and accepting cryptocurrency payments. He believes that incorporating bitcoin into settlement could give the city an edge.

Bitcoin is seen as a means of payment in property tax payments. In addition, the plan is to pay city employees’ salaries in bitcoins based on the average dollar value. The city authorities have created a blockchain task force to address all the issues required to implement the project.

IN tweet Conger stated that Bitcoin is the only solution. Due to inflation, the dollar has depreciated by 6.3% over the past two years, by 172.8% over its life, and “there is no rebound.”

Scott Conger is not the only city mayor in the United States to recognize the potential of Bitcoin. Earlier, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez said that he fully supports Bitcoin and his city will welcome miners with open arms.

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