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Tension in the Government due to the collapse in the system of aid to the self-employed due to the coronavirus

The Minister of the Presidency and spokesperson for the Catalan Government, Meritxell Budo, has today apologized for the collapse of the platform to request the help of 2,000 euros for 10,000 self-employed workers against the coronavirus crisis and has assured that the Generalitat plans to expand it: “We regret that it has not worked as it should.”

This episode has led to new friction between the two partners of the Government, Junts per Catalunya and Esquerra Republicana, since the Department of Digital Policies lead by Jordi Puignero (JxCat) has blamed the Labor Department, led by Chakir El Homrani (ERC), the poor design of the grant. For its part, the Republican council reproaches that they were not warned that a collapse was expected.

Budó has acknowledged that the website to request this help has collapsed after generating “more expectations” than expected. The spokesperson for the Catalan Executive explained that the website was designed to have 3,000 users per minute and on Monday there were 4,000, so they reinforced it to absorb 15,000 users, but this Tuesday there were 18,000, so which has again caused delays and interruptions in requests.

The JxCat spokeswoman and advisor has admitted that “it was evident that there would be more than 10,000 applications”, so she believes that the € 20 million item is insufficient and that the system of granting aid to the first 10,000 requests is not It has worked.

Later, the spokeswoman of Together for Catalonia in the Parliament, Gemma Geis, has demanded that the Government establish easy mechanisms for all the self-employed, as well as a “helm move” to the council of El Homrani, with immediate measures and in the way of managing aid.

Citizens, PSC, the ‘commons’, the CUP and the PP have requested the appearance in the Parliament of the acting president of the Generalitat, Pere AragonÚs, the councilors Ramon Tremosa (Company), El Homrani and Puignero to give explanations.

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