Terni, the mayor bans “indecent clothing”. The protests

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The Northern League mayor of Terni Leonardo Latini has prohibited through an ordinance, which had already been signed in July and therefore extended, to wear «indecent or indecent clothing in relation to the place or to show nakedness, giving rise to the conviction of practicing prostitution ». The provision concerns some specific streets of the city of Terni which in the last period would become the center of a “deep-rooted prostitution ring”.

Within the ordinance, “allusive greetings, attitudes of recall, invitation” as well as “dangerous maneuvers or obstruction of road traffic” are also listed as prohibited behaviors for those driving the car, therefore any customers.

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That of Terni it is not the first and only order of its kind which is signed by a mayor in Italy. There are several signed by other Italian mayors. It already exists in Rimini, and will be in force until January 2022 like that of Terni. The problem is, once again, the words. And the world they give back to us.

“No, we are not in Afghanistan under the Taliban regime but in Umbria”, comments the Umbrian senator M5s, Emma Pavanelli, in a note, in which he stresses that “the mayor of Terni issues an ordinance that imposes a ban on provocative clothing on women, under penalty of equality with prostitutes”. And he added: «Instead of finding solutions to the problems of the city and reviving the economy, the mayor he wants to eliminate prostitution by banning miniskirts and necklines and limiting the freedom of women. A ridiculous and serious decision that makes us understand at what level Salvini’s party has reached, a medieval level, homocentric and devoid of ideas ».

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The Northern League mayor retorted, underlining the intention to actively combat prostitution. «No ban on miniskirts or necklines, just the intention of provide law enforcement with a tool to intervene and prevent hateful phenomena such as the exploitation of prostitution ».

“As usual the woman is blamed and no policies are established to combat the phenomenon of prostitution “, commented the women’s coordination of the CGIL of Terni, to Corriere della Sera. «The commodification of the female body is a cultural theme which must be contrasted with thoughts and actions against gender inequality. On the subject of prostitution, a reflection on sexual exploitation, on the physical and psychological abuse of women, considering that 80% of those who prostitute themselves are victims of trafficking ”.

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