Territorial integrity must be respected, says China ambassador to the UN

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As the war in Ukraine continues and the clashes enter the fifth day, the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) met this Monday (28) to discuss the situation in the country. In his speech, China’s ambassador to the UN, Zhang Jun, defended the integrity of the territories.

“All countries must have their territorial integrity and sovereignty respected. And the principles of the UN Charter must be respected, keeping the peace,” said Jun.

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The ambassador reinforced the requests for peace and the importance of the UN’s action to solve the crisis – which has already made more than 500,000 people leave Ukrainian territory, according to the organization’s own data.

“All actions taken by the UN and relevant parties in the international community must prioritize peace, stability and security for all.”

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At the UN Security Council meeting last Friday, China abstained from voting on the resolution condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In today’s speech, the ambassador took a stand against the “tensions”.

“China does not approve of any approach that exacerbates tensions. UN agencies must continue with their humanitarian support in Ukraine. We need to protect civilian lives and civilian structures,” she said.

The ambassador also recalled the times of the cold war, stating that the mentality of the period still prevails. “We cannot face a new cold war. We would all lose.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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