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Terror on Air India flight: Female passenger bitten by scorpion

A Scorpio bit a female passenger on her flight Air India last month. The rare incident took place when the flight was heading from Nagpur to Mumbai.

The incident, which occurred on April 23, was confirmed by Air India as the airline further informed that the woman was given the necessary treatment and that she is now out of danger.

“There has been an extremely rare and unfortunate incident with one scorpion that bit a female passenger on flight AI 630 on April 23, 2023,” an Air India spokesperson said, according to the website wionews.com.

After the flight lands at the airport, a doctor treated the female passengerwho was subsequently hospitalized and later discharged, the airline said in a statement on Saturday (May 6).

“Upon landing, the passenger in question was attended to by the doctor at the airport and afterwards he was hospitalized and discharged. Our staff accompanied the passenger to the hospital and provided all support to the passenger till discharge,” an Air India spokesperson said.

After the Air India engineering team was informed about the incident, it carried out thorough inspection of the airplane. The scorpion was caught in the hands, and then due process was carried out disinfection.

“Our team followed protocol and conducted a full inspection of the aircraft and found the scorpion. The proper decontamination procedure was carried out. We sincerely apologize for the distress and inconvenience caused to the female passengerAir India said.

Source: News Beast

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