Tesla Cybertruck is already in Russia: Hot Wheels has released radio-controlled cars

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While the whole world is waiting with bated breath for Tesla to send its incredibly stylish Cybertruck pickup truck to official sale, you can try a car from the future right now. However, in a smaller format – Hot Wheels launched the sale of a toy radio-controlled Tesla Cybertruck car, which can be found on the shelves of the Detsky Mir chain. This model is presented on a scale of 1:64, and its cost is only 1,699 rubles. And the main feature of the novelty, of course, lies in the design of the toy – the manufacturer tried to realize the maximum similarity with the original.

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The radio-controlled Tesla Cybertruck supports two driving modes – you can move both on regular flat surfaces and on the branded Hot Wheels tracks. What’s more, there’s a turbo boost function that allows a miniature electric pickup to do cool looping tricks and more. In addition, closer to the New Year, the company plans to release on sale an even larger model of the car at a scale of 1:10 – this version will be able to accelerate to an insane speed of 40 km / h. A great option for collectors or thrill-seekers.

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