Tesla will buy “revolutionary” batteries from the Chinese company? Tesla and BYD deal rumored

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Rumors have surfaced on the Web that Tesla may purchase car batteries from BYD, a Chinese company that is actually Tesla’s competitor.

Tesla will buy “revolutionary” batteries from the Chinese company?  Tesla and BYD deal rumored

Moreover, in this case, we are not talking about compensating for the shortage of batteries, but about a relatively new development of the Chinese giant. It is called Blade Battery.

Tesla will buy
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Blade Batteries entered the market about a year ago. Now all new BYD electric vehicles are equipped with them. The company itself calls the development revolutionary. Whether it will be such for the market is not yet clear, but the Chinese really have something to brag about. The company demonstrated how a 46-ton truck drives through the battery, after which nothing happens to the battery. But the nail test is more revealing. BYD claims that if you pierce the Blade Battery with a nail, nothing happens. In such a situation, the battery does not burn, does not smoke, and does not even get very hot, unlike conventional car batteries. Also, the company, as part of the tests, exposed the batteries to heating up to 300 degrees and overloading the network up to 260%, and this did not lead to fires or explosions.

Tesla will buy

Each Blade Battery is a 960 x 90 x 1350 mm plate that folds into a single package like blades. The rejection of conventional batteries has made the Blade Battery not only more reliable, but also more compact. Also, the manufacturer claims that the battery is capable of working 3000 charge / discharge cycles, which will be enough for about 1.2 million km.

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In general, the development really looks promising, but Tesla has its “biscuit” batteries, which also stand out for their improved characteristics relative to usual. Therefore, the source emphasizes that the rumor about the collaboration between Tesla and BYD seems somewhat strange, although it has not yet been refuted.

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