Texas – Astroworld: A 9-year-old boy rejoices after being trampled at Travis Scot’s bloody concert

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A 9-year-old boy rejoices after being trampled on Travis Scott’s deadly concert at Astroworld in Houston last weekend. Young Ezra Blund was on his father’s shoulders in the crowd when chaos broke out after spectators broke the security measures and squeezed the audience that was already in the arena. The tragic toll so far has been eight people losing their lives and injuring hundreds more after the moments of insanity that followed

«My son had Ezra on his shoulders at the concert. My child could not breathe because of all the pressure on him and fainted“, Ezra’s grandfather told KTRK-TV about the child.

«And when he fainted, Ezra fell into the crowd. He was trampled very badly».

When the father woke up, the child was hospitalized in a coma

When Ezra’s father woke up at the concert hall medical center, his son had already been taken to hospital with a heart attack. The hospital kept the child as “John Doe”, his family said while he is now in a coma.

The child has damage to his kidneys, lungs and heart and suffers from swelling in the brainsaid his grandfather.

He also said that the family is praying for a miracle for Ezra and is looking for those responsible for the tragedy to be held accountable.

“I have seen an apology on the internet that did not seem sincere to the people who attended that event,” he said, although he did not name Scott or any of the organizers by name.

Moments from the Astroworld festival with Travis Scott

“If you feel so bad why aren’t you down here in the hospital to check on your fans?”

The family has hired lawyer Ben Crump, who already represents many other people who were injured in lawsuits against the organizers. Crabbe is known for representing George Floyd’s family after Floyd’s death in 2020 at the hands of Minneapolis police.

Moments from the Astroworld festival with Travis Scott

In a statement, Crabbe said the child’s coma was medically induced in an effort to fight his brain injury.

“The suffering of this family is innumerable. This little boy had his whole life ahead of him, a life that is currently hanging by a thread from the reckless mismanagement that followed at the Astroworld Festival. We ask everyone to send the strongest prayers they can as this family tries to deal with the irreparable damage done to their son. “We demand justice for EB, his family and all our clients who left Astroworld with trauma,” the lawyer said.

Flowers at the scene of the tragedy at the Astroworld festival with Travis Scott

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