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Texas continues to face the largest wildfire in its history

The American state Texas continued yesterday Thursday to fight to contain the biggest fire in its history, which cost at least one human life and turned more than 4,300,000 acres into wasteland. THE fire spreads in the northern part of the state with an area larger than that of the whole of France, is now devouring lands in neighboring Oklahoma as well, without for the time being firefighters having managed to control the destruction.

According to the Texas Forest Service, no fewer than six large separate active fronts are raging, the largest of which, the Smokehouse Creek fire, claimed the life of an 83-year-old woman whose home burned.

The American president Joe Bidenwho is visiting Texas to discuss the immigration crisis, told reporters that some 500 federal government officials, in addition to state firefighters, are involved in efforts to control the fires.

“I have asked my team to do everything possible to help protect the residents of communities threatened by these fires,” he said, pledging federal aid to the states of Texas and Oklahoma while praising climate change deniers. “I love that some of my Neanderthal friends still think it doesn't exist climate change”the Democratic president noted sarcastically.

Donald Trump's rival, the front-runner in the Republican primary for November's presidential election, also in Texas to address the immigration crisis, is challenging the scientific consensus on climate change. The firefighters were hoping that the decrease in temperature yesterday would allow them to regain the initiative in fighting the flames, but they expressed concern that the situation could worsen over the weekend, as strong winds are expected.

“Conditions” favoring wildfires will worsen “Saturday and even more Sunday” as there is a “potential for strong winds across West Texas,” the state Forest Service warned on its website.

According to CNN meteorologist Chad Myers, the Smokehouse Creek fire is burning “two football fields per second.” Texas state authorities have declared a state of natural disaster in 60 counties.

Several cities in the US and Canada recorded record temperatures in February, even summer heat. According to experts, this is due, in addition to climate change, to the El Niño phenomenon.

Source: News Beast

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