Texas: court stops abortion law

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It’s temporary, but at least it’s a stop to the law that women in many US states are contesting including stars like Uma Thurman, Jennifer Lawrence, and Amy Schumer. A federal judge blocked the Texas law that effectively prevents abortion in the state. Judge Robert Pitman has granted a request from the Biden administration not to enforce the law until its legitimacy is clarified.

According to White House the judge’s decision is an important step in restoring women’s constitutional rights in Texas.

The Austin judge who stopped the law in force since September 1 explained that “women have been denied the right to exercise control over their lives in ways that are protected by the Constitution … This court will not deprive them of this fundamental right for another day. “

It is the first sentence since the law has been in force and starts from the request of the democratic administration that intervened after the Supreme Court had decided not to stop it. For the president Biden this law is an unprecedented attack on women’s rights. Texas Governor Greg Abbott defended it by saying, “The most precious freedom is life itself.”

This legislation prevents abortion after six weeks of gestation when many women do not know they are pregnant. Above all, the law gives everyone, in Texas or elsewhere, the right to report doctors who terminate pregnancy. A doctor who broke the law has already been prosecuted. Dr. Alan Braid told al Washington Post that he did so “because it was a duty to take care of his patient, as he does for everyone else and she had the fundamental right to health”. “It is clear to me that there may be legal consequences, but I wanted it to be clear that Texas cannot go ahead with this completely unconstitutional law.”

The demonstrations of the last days have concerned this law, but not only. The Supreme Court justices are scheduled to discuss the legitimacy of one for December 1 anti-abortion law even more restrictive than that of Texas, that of Mississippi which could lead to the annulment of the historic Roe vs. Wade of 1973, which recognized the right to terminate pregnancy at the federal level.

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