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Texas Massacre: ‘Police Management Great Failure’

The reaction of the police forces to the massacre of the school in Uvalde, Texaswith victims 19 children and two teachers, it was “a great failure”in which o commander who was present at the scene of the attackHe put the lives of police officers above the lives of childrensaid yesterday, TuesdayDirector of the Texas Public Safety Service (DPS)Steven Macrow.

The commander of the police at the scene of the attack took “terrible decisions” and the police officers developed to deal with the incident were not adequately trainedas a result of wasting valuable time, while people could have been rescued, Macrow told members of the Texas State Senate regarding the massacre of May 24.

“There is convincing evidence that the reaction of law enforcement agencies in the attack on Rob Elementary School it was a great failure and in complete contrast to their education “he said, according to the APE-MPE.

Several parents and relatives of students and staff have expressed outrage over police actions after the gunman stormed the school and opened fire.

One time delay that Macrow discussed was the search for a key to the order in which the attack took place. He noted that the door was not locked and there is no evidence that police tried to see if the door was locked, while others were looking for a key.

“There was no way για for the perpetrator to lock the door from the inside,” Macrow remarked.

Μακελειό στο ΤέξαςΜακελειό στο ΤέξαςMassacre in Texas

Days after the attack, the Texas DPS announced that 19 police officers waited for more than an hour in a corridor outside Classes 111 and 112, before being invaded by a special unit led by the U.S. Border Police.

This is what Macrow said during yesterday’s hearing. «The police had weapons, the children had no weapons. The police had protective uniforms the children did not have. The police had training, the perpetrator did not. One hour, 14 minutes and eight seconds. This was the waiting time for the children and the teachers in room 111 to be rescued»According to the director of DPS.

“Three minutes after the perpetrator entered the western building, there was a sufficient number of armed police officers in protective uniforms to isolate, deceive and neutralize him,” he added.

“The only thing that stopped the specially trained police officers from invading rooms 111 and 112 was the commander who was on the spot, who decided to put the lives of police officers above the lives of children “ according to what Macrow said at the hearing.

He said the commander who was present at the scene was the head of the Uvalde schools police. Say Arendo while he waited for radios and armaments and shields and for the development of the Special Operations Team (SWAT). He also waited for a key, which he never needed. “

Earlier in the month, Arendo said he never considered himself the commander at the scene of the attack and did not order police to enter the building.

He told The Texas Tribune that he left his two radios outside the school because he wanted his hands to be free for his gun. Arendo said he called for special equipment, a sniper and room keys for police officers to break into the classroom, while waited behind the doors for 40 minutes to prevent a mass exchange of fire.

Μακελειό στο ΤέξαςΜακελειό στο ΤέξαςMassacre in Texas

Members of the local community along with the victims’ parents urged Arendo to resign during a school administration meeting on Monday.

Meanwhile, the mayor of the city of Uwalde, Don McLaughlin, said yesterday, Tuesday, that the prosecutor of the county of Uwalde asked the city not to proceed with the publication of the files related to the public prosecutor’s investigation into the school massacre.

“The prosecutor of Ovalde asked the city not to publish any file related to her investigation. The relevant legislation that is applied in the state of Texas restricts the publication of shots from cameras “carried by police, the mayor said in a statement, which was referred to by the local media.

The announcement added that to date the local prosecutor and the DPS have not made public any information about their investigation in the city.

Source: News Beast

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