Th. Karaoglou: From the phase of recovery we pass to the phase of development

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“The future, you either plan it, or you exist it. The choices we have in life are twofold: Either we act on the basis of how to improve our daily lives, leaving a clear positive mark on our individual and collective path, or we miss the opportunity by surrendering to forces of inaction, experiencing fatalistically the consequences of our own refusal to intervene vigorously and decisively where we could “, said the special rapporteur of ND, Theodoros Karaoglou, during the discussion of the 2022 Budget in Parliament. “The time has come for the Greek economy to move safely from its non-tradable sectors to extroverts – to focus on exports, to encourage direct investment, to support innovation,” he said.

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“The planning of the New Democracy government and Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis moves within this framework, as the policies we implement far exceed the lifespan of an evaluation by the European institutions, as well as the time horizon of a government term,” he said. Theodoros Karaoglou.

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Referring to the results of the government policy, the ND MP pointed out that Eurostat anointed Greece European champion in terms of growth in the third quarter of 2021, with 13.4% against 11.4% of Ireland and 3.9% of the eurozone. At the same time, the American bank Goldman Sachs predicted that Greece will push the cart of growth in Europe in the next two years, since for the first time in about 15 years, Greek GDP will “run” faster than its eurozone counterpart, operating as a growth promoter and not as a “weight” or “damaged gear” of a well-tuned machine.

“Certainly we did not become Germany overnight, which has the strongest and largest economy in Europe. But it is important that we return first of all the member states of the European family to pre-pandemic levels,” said the ND MP and pointed out that In the fourth quarter of the year, the total annual GDP losses of 2020 are expected to have been recovered, with the level of real GDP at the end of 2022 exceeding the corresponding level of 2019 by 1.7%.

“We are achieving this by implementing with prudence, dedication and courage, a series of reforms that establish Greece as a modern and efficient regional economy. Somehow, the path of development is wide open before us,” said the special rapporteur of ND.

“From the recovery phase we are moving to the development stage. For the years 2021 and 2022, the 2022 Budget foresees a cumulative growth of 11.7%”, said the special rapporteur of ND and added that a characteristic and structural element of the economic development that already is in progress, is the significant reduction of unemployment, with its de-escalation amounting to 1.7%: From 15.9% which is expected to close this year, to 14.2%.

“The resurgence of the labor market has been and continues to be our priority and is largely due to the unprecedented financial support of 43 billion euros for households and businesses. We pledged that no one will be left alone during the pandemic and we did it because the politician “Our reason is a contract”, said Mr. Karaoglou.

The MP described the Recovery Fund as a catalyst for progress and prosperity, which will give an additional 2.9 percentage points to GDP and this money will have multiplier benefits in the real economy.

“The 2022 Budget is the Consistency and Efficiency Budget. It is a Budget of realistic forecasts, but also goals. It is a Regeneration Budget, which takes into account the data of the pandemic and keeps ammunition in the economic arsenal. “protection of our compatriots, leads to the warming of the labor market, but above all it marks the shift to a more extroverted, competitive and green economic model”, said Theodoros Karaoglou.

The special rapporteur of ND, finally referred to the developments that have created a valuable fiscal space, but also to the developments in the market sector. “The praise from the Eurogroup, the full return of the country to international markets, the historically low cost of borrowing, the early repayment of the International Monetary Fund, the reduction of unemployment and the ‘restraint’ of the padlocks, the increase of industrial production, the significant “Progress in reducing ‘red loans’ and the completion of the national plan for financing the economy from the Recovery Fund, are the materials of the ‘recipe’ for the well-being of the Greeks”, said the ND MP and added: “In a world that is moving “At low speeds, Greece is stepping on the gas! Its engines are accelerating, ensuring that the impetus given is safe and prudent.”

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