Th. Karaoglou: Immediate and resounding response to Turkey’s indirect attempt in the OSCE to recognize the occupied Cyprus

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The issue of recognition of the occupied Cyprus was indirectly raised by the Turkish delegation participating in the work of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly in Birmingham, United Kingdom, in order to receive an “immediate and resounding response” from the head of the Greek delegation to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe , Member of Parliament 2nd Thessaloniki of the N.D. Theodorou Karaoglou, according to his written announcement.

Mr. Karaoglou in his announcement speaks of “provocations that the Turkish delegation tried to set up this morning” and explains that “as soon as he heard the unacceptable allegations of the Turkish side, he immediately took the floor by blasting the delegation of the neighboring country” As he states in the announcement made it clear to him that “there is no state called the Republic of Northern Cyprus”, noting that “no country in the world and no international organization such as the EU, NATO, the UN and the OSCE recognize a state which does not exist”.

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“All that exists in the northern part of Cyprus is an area of ​​the Republic of Cyprus which corresponds to approximately 40% of the island and has been illegally occupied by the Turkish occupying forces that invaded the martyred island in 1974”, added Mr. Karaoglou.

He then spoke about the need to strengthen the feeling of “honesty and trust between the member states of the OSCE, as a basis of security and cordial cooperation”.

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Mr. Karaoglou estimated that in today’s fluid geostrategic field, “stability, sobriety, consistency and solidarity are the road map that will allow the members of the OSCE to respond successfully to the challenges of today, but also of the next day”. . He added that all parliamentary delegations are a constituent part of a specific political, cultural and value space, from the principles of which no member of the Organization should deviate.

According to the same announcement, “regarding Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, he noted that it acts as a catalyst for developments, making extensive reference to Turkey’s aggressive rhetoric against Greece and praising Ankara’s insistence on inventing a new narrative every day that it maintains in high levels of tension in SE Europe”.

“Unfortunately, through this aggressive rhetoric it is clear that even today there are states that behave as a revisionist force and manage international relations in a transactional way. They pose as the ‘astute mediator’ in pursuit of specific geopolitical goals. However, no one should forget that historically no “neutral”, no matter how “astute” they think they are, won more than those who were on the right side of history,” emphasized Mr. Karaoglou, defending the Greek positions and clarifying that “our country always keeps the door of dialogue open”.

Source: RES-MPE

Source: Capital

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