Th. Pleuris: The guilt or innocence of the two former SYRIZA ministers will be decided by the special court

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On the occasion of the content of the will of the five-member Judicial Council of the Special Court by which the former Deputy Minister of Justice Dimitris Papagelopoulos is referred to the Special Court for Ministerial Liability, the Minister of Health Thanos Pleuris states in his interview on Crete TV, from Crete where is touring, that the guilt or innocence of the two former SYRIZA ministers will be judged by the special court.

“Because I was both a member and rapporteur of the preliminary committee both in the case of Mr. Papagelopoulos and in the case of Mr. Pappa, from the moment we delivered our findings I refrain from commenting on any process at a later stage. But what I want to say is that, in the case of Mr. Pappas, we have a SYRIZA minister referred to the special court for interference in the mass media, while in the case of Mr. Papagelopoulos, he was referred for interfering with prosecutors, including in the case of politicians because one of the accusations referred to are the pressures he exerted on Mrs. Raikou. on the Novartis case. But because I was a member, so I exercised investigative duties, what I am saying is that the reason is now in the special court and for the ministers of SYRIZA and special court have gone with findings from the preliminary committees, so the preliminary complaints had a result which was supported by the judgment of the institutions at this moment and today we have two accused ministers of SYRIZA but their guilt or innocence will be judged by the special court and not by us parliamentarians”.

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Mr. Pleuris was also asked about the elections, stressing that “elections as the president has said, expressing the desire that they will take place at the end of the electoral process, but what I want to tell you is that those of us who are parliamentarians from the moment we enter the last year of the government, the end of the four-year term is very close, which is at the end of spring, so those who are de facto parliamentarians have a lot of work to do, and so does the party apparatus”.


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Source: Capital

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