Th. Plevris: At the latest after 6 weeks, the Pentelis Pediatric Hospital will reopen normally

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Very soon, without delays and within 6 weeks at the latest, the Penteli Pediatric Hospital will return to normal operation, which has been temporarily converted into a vaccination center for the needs of the pandemic. This was confirmed by the Minister of Health, Thanassis Plevris, from the podium of the Parliament, answering a question from the MP of MeRA25, Kleontas Grigoriadis, regarding the suspension of its operation.

As Mr. Plevris clarified, the transformation of the hospital into a vaccination center “was done for a specific period of time, in order to cover the vaccination needs that exist and only concerns the afternoon shifts.

It is not a permanent measure, clearly, it is temporary. The schedule of its operation as a vaccination center is up to six weeks, this is the ceiling, because the booster dose is running, but its re-operation can start earlier, depending on the vaccination needs “, Mr. Plevris emphasized and added:

“The Penteli Pediatric Hospital was operationally judged as the only suitable and safe temporary solution. I understand the fears and objections that have been expressed for the reopening of the hospital, and I want to say clearly from this step, that its transformation into a vaccination center It is a temporary measure, covering a specific period of time with a ceiling of six weeks, 57 recruitments have already been made and another 13 are pending – and in the next recruitments it will be fully staffed and fully operational. “From 6 weeks. The suffering from the hospital malfunction is temporary. I understand the criticism, I do not say it is absurd, it may be excessive, but very soon and without delay the hospital will return to normal operation.”

At the same time, Mr. Plevris characterized very important the results of the mandatory and restrictive measures that were implemented from the beginning of September, to deal with the pandemic.

Indicative, as the Minister of Health said, “is that from the 10 million that were vaccinated until 31/8/2021, today they reached 18,391,000 while 4 million have already made the booster dose, with Greece managing to be from the first countries among the EU countries “.

“83% of the population has had even one vaccination dose. From the first of September until today, vaccinations have increased by 15 units and we will be the first in Europe. ‘ “the vaccination coverage”, Mr. Plevris pointed out.

For his part, Mr. Grigoriadis said he was satisfied with the assurance of the Minister of Health that the pediatric hospital of Penteli will soon reopen normally. However, he expressed fears about the government’s political choices, saying it “hides very deeply its intention to privatize the public health system”.

“With so many retirements and so many deaths due to the pandemic, you have to commit to permanent recruitment of doctors and nurses,” said Mr. Grigoriadis.

Responding, Mr. Plevris assured that “for 2022, the announcements for permanent recruitment have been issued or will be issued, concerning 4000 positions of nurses, 900 positions for other staff and 700 positions of medical staff with the possibility of these increasing”.

As he said, “there will be increased scoring, compatible with the Constitution, for those who are already in the health system and it will be estimated that they turned their backs on the difficult times.”



Source From: Capital

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