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Thai model catches fire during ‘alternative treatment’ for stomach – Suffers third-degree burns

A shocking video shows the moment a model from the Thailand, during an “alternative treatment” for the stomach, catches fire. The whole process did not go well at all and now the young lady, who he suffered third degree burnsis seeking compensation from the clinic for the nightmare he went through.

Specifically, the model Game, as her stage name was, had visited a clinic in Bangkok to try Phao Ya, a traditional technique for treatment stomach disorders, which involves burning herbs on the patient. This particular treatment is supposed to help relieve problems with digestion, period pains and other stomach disorders. However, as seen in the footage, while Game is initially seen lying down relaxing with a herbal mixture spread across her stomach, she suddenly bursts into flames.

The model caught fire when one of the healers started the process of burning the herbs. Game began to writhe and scream in pain as she felt the fire burn her skin, fire that seemed to erupt from under the blanket, covering her and spreading all over her back in the blink of an eye. The therapists were trying to extinguish her before she burned alive, reports the Daily Mail.

The Game, where he suffered third degree burns after her nightmarish experience and was bedridden for two months, she took legal action, seeking compensation from the clinic. The young woman claims that the management of the clinic refuses to take responsibility for the incident and that she was forced to shoulder the high cost of the treatments herself, with the help of her insurance.

Game now expresses concern about the impact the extensive burns will have on her work: “In a week I have to go back to work, but I have to continue my treatments in the hospital,” she said.

Source: News Beast

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