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Thailand: Alarm level raised due to Omicron

Thailand has raised the alert level for COVID-19 following an increase in cases due to the spread of the Omicron variant of the new coronavirus, a senior health ministry official said today.

Changing the level of the alarm from the third to the fourth level to deal with the pandemic paves the way for possible measures that may follow, such as the closure of areas where there is a high risk of transmission and the imposition of restrictions on domestic or public transport. concentrations.

“Thailand has entered a new wave of infections, in which new cases will increase rapidly,” said Health Ministry Permanent Secretary Kiatifum Wongratzit.

“Level 4 means we can close high-risk areas and announce more measures,” he added.

This move comes amid a sudden increase in daily cases since the beginning of the year.

Thailand reported 5,775 new cases today, up 48% from the previous day and almost double the number recorded on January 1st.

The country in Southeast Asia has vaccinated about 69.1% of its population, estimated at 72 million, with two doses of COVID-19 vaccine, but only 10.9% of them have received a booster dose.



Source From: Capital

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