Thailand: Navy rescues cats from sinking ship

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Thai Navy sailors defied the stormy sea and made a dramatic rescue this week after discovering that four cats had been abandoned on a ship that had caught fire and sank off an island, the APE reported.

After the crew was safely transported yesterday, Tuesday, from the sinking ship, a Navy vessel was sent to the scene to check for an oil spill. But the sailors discovered that some crew members had been forgotten.

“I zoomed in with my camera on the ship and saw the heads of one or two cats popping out,” said Witzit Pakdilon, chief of The Thai Navy.

A sailor then put on a life jacket, fell into the water and swam to the wrecked ship, on which he found four cats huddled next to each other.

The rescuer carried the cats on his ship, placing them on his shoulders and holding them above the surface of the water, while his team pulled him with a rope.

His rescue posts today had more than 2,500 Facebook comments from users praising the crew.

The cats are now being cared for by their rescuers at the Navy base on Ko Lipe Island.

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