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Thailand: The country repeals the regulation on the entry of tourists into the country and the mandatory use of a mask

Thailand announced today that it would abolish the procedure for foreign visitors and required the application to ensure all entry into the country as well as the mandatory use of a mask in public places after the spread of the coronavirus has slowed down.

The “Thailand Pass” system required foreign visitors to apply for permission from the authorities up to 60 days before their arrival, and Tourism Minister Pipat Ratsakitprakan told reporters that it would expire on July 1st. This was one of the last travel restrictions still in force in the country.

Thailand is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, but tourism companies have come up with a policy that requires foreign tourists to submit a number of documents – from a vaccination certificate and diagnostic test result to an insurance policy and hotel – or state proof. which hindered the recovery of the industry.

Almost 40 million people visited Thailand in 2019, but last year the country received less than 1% of that number despite the easing of restrictive measures.

Although tourism flows in the country have increased in recent months, the tourism industry has not recovered with large business losses and job cuts in a sector that typically contributes around 12% of GDP.

The pandemic management team announced today that from next month the use of the mask will be optional, but advised citizens to wear it when they are in large gatherings or if they have health problems.

Thailand has recorded a total of more than 30,000 deaths from COVID-19, but has greatly reduced its spread thanks to the high vaccination rate of more than 80%.


Source: Capital

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