That inevitable pleasure

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ASK ME A QUESTION: If she likes others on Instagram, what does that mean?
That we can spare ourselves the mirror under our noses, he is alive and fighting with us. I asked an adult male for confirmation, he told me it’s a kind of involuntary reflex, Pavlov’s dog in them wags its tail at the sight of a nice face or some meat. How does this make us feel? As if we were engaged to Neanderthals, I know.

What can we do about it? I’m afraid the answer is: “nothing”, unless you want to be with someone who is completely disinterested in the physical appearance or the effect of other people’s seduction (but in that case I would be answering “Why don’t you hair?”). Then there is another nuance, it concerns freedom: as a couple, being able to like and innocently flirt with someone would make the painful sacrifice of getting out of the square more bearable. I advise not to waste energy on harmless pleasure, rather remember that for every like you see there are ten private messages that you know nothing about.

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